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The story behind Explico


Irina Ashdown

I have worked in consulting for the last decade and believe that game-changing work only comes from a strong client/consultancy partnership built on shared ambition and trust. 

I have consistently delivered dozens of complex transformation programmes in various roles, working for a consultancy and as an independent consultant. 

Explico Consulting is the realisation of my long-held ambition to create a new kind of consultancy to challenge the traditional consultancy model.

Understanding every angle of the business as if it was my own and embarking on a transformation journey with the client, is what motivates me.

I am upbeat about launching a disruptive business in post-pandemic times. More than ever, clients want top-talent solving their problems. Luckily, I was so privileged to meet incredible people along the way who share the same values and who have joined me on my mission.



"Explico" translates as to analyse, disentangle, explain, and set free.


This is exactly what we will do for your transformation programme to achieve the maximum potential.

We don't believe in the 'cookie cutter' approach because each business is unique. It is by embracing the difference, diligently disentangling complex business processes and architectures, understanding the operational model and people, that we can gain deeper understanding of your business and deliver the true transformation. 

We take responsibility for the end results and go on a journey with our clients.


Intelligence & professionalism

Our team are A-players and industry champions. These are strategic thinkers and genuinely good people, who care and will support you all on your transformation journey. 

Uncompromising focus

We focus on things that really matter, like diligent business analysis, ambitious and encompassing strategy, change management and implementation project management.


We believe in an honest and transparent relationship with our clients, partners and vendors. Transparency is engrained in our DNA and defines the way we work. 


We believe in and foster collaboration between all stakeholders such as clients, vendors and partners. 


We'd love to hear about your transformation journey 

+44 7726 693 500

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