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Customer Experience Strategy

De-coding what customer-centric means for your business

Becoming more customer-centric is a popular aspiration for many businesses. However it is often hard to understand what exactly this means for your particular organisation and what capabilities you need to achieve it. 

This is where the customer experience (CX) strategy comes in. The CX strategy is what defines and links UI, UX, CX, Service Design and your operations together. Our team will design target experience for your customers, cultivating hero moments in the customer journeys to create unique experiences aligned with your brand promise and identity. We help define a clear  CX vision and strategy pillars specific for your business. It is by looking at the customer experience as whole and linking it to your organisation structure and internal processes, we deliver comprehensive customer experience strategy with a plan on how to implement it.

Our founder (Irina Ashdown) began her career as a CX Consultant working for a Customer Experience System Integrator Consultancy and delivered dozens of customer-centric transformations, so this is the area that is near and dear to her heart.

This is what we can help you achieve:​​​


Develop customer personas

We research and develop customer personas based on your data.

Design customer journeys

We clearly map and explain current customer journeys and design empathy-based and persona-led future state customer journeys.

Customer operations transformation

We redesign your internal processes to achieve the future state customer experience, explaining the required organisational changes.

Digital Experience Transformation

We develop a CX technology capability roadmap to achieve future state customer experience.

Contact us to learn more how we can help you define Customer Experience strategy for your organisation.  


We'd love to hear about your transformation journey 

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