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Programme Implementation Advisory

The path from strategy to measurable results

Defining the perfect strategy and making it a reality are two different things. In our view this is where the current consultancy market is falling short, as there are many consultancies with the focus on either the change/transformation strategy and general business advisory or specific parts of the  implementation. However, it is by joining the gaps between the strategy and implementation, we can deliver a true transformation and bottom-line business gains.


More often than not, great ideas and aspirations outlined in the transformation strategy at the beginning of the transformation programme get lost in the weeds of implementation. The devil is in the detail: technology limitations, wrong assumptions about how the business actually work, rushed decisions caused by staff resistance...the list goes on. All these factors can derail your digital/business transformation programme and your programme joins the long list of failed implementations.

Our mission is to help prevent your business from falling into this trap.


Our transformation experts will control the key stages of your transformation programme to ensure alignment with your target operating model and agreed transformation strategy. This approach helps us to correct the implementation course, should we feel that implementation is taking the wrong turns. We provide the necessary continuity and handoffs throughout the programme, putting your mind at ease. Our consultants have led dozens of complex transformation programmes over the years and will help ensure that your programme stays on-track and delivers the target business impact.

These are the areas we can help you with:

Senior Leadership Advisory and Programme Management

Organisational Change Management and Design. Process change training

Business Analysis and Quality Assurance (Analysis, Design, SIT, UAT)

Assessment of current implementation state. Recommendations on best ways to move forward.


We'd love to hear about your transformation journey 

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