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Transformation Strategy

Implementing a Transformation Programme without a strategy is like driving without knowing your destination


Living in the post-Covid era has put greater pressure on businesses to adapt and become more customer-centric. Doing nothing is no longer an option and that is why we are seeing more businesses embarking on the business transformation journey. Businesses can no longer afford to be constrained by their technology and operations as the risk of falling behind the competition is too great.

Digital and business transformations are complex initiatives for any organisation to undertake. With so many options and uncertainties, it is difficult to understand where to start and where to invest. Defining digital/business transformation strategy helps to future-proof your investment and creates a solid foundation for your transformation programme. Without a strategy, implementing a transformation programme becomes a very risky affair. Think of it as driving a car without a final destination. Strategy clarifies what the end destination is and  explains the shortest, most efficient and cost-effective way to get there.

At Explico we help our clients to define and tailor a business and digital transformation strategy, which delivers maximum value from investments and helps to accelerate business growth and efficiencies. Strategy for us is a comprehensive output with calculated moves for an organisation to achieve bottom-line gains. Digital and business transformation are inseparable for us. Our consultants couple their digital delivery expertise with strategic consulting knowledge to deliver meaningful and lasting business change.

We untangle complex legacy processes & technology to reimagine how digital can transform your business. By focusing on customer journeys and your business strategy we identify relevant technology capabilities and operational changes to develop a long-term transformation vision and strong business case.

We help our clients to create their digital and operational blueprint for future business growth and insure they invest their digital capacity in the right way. 

As part of our digital transformation strategy this is what we can help you with:


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